If you suspect or know that you have German Ancestry - and/or - your family name is THODEN or TODEN - there is a 95% probability that your ancestry will take you to an area north of Bremen called "THE MOOR".

The map of Germany below is annotated with the density of the family name "THODEN". As you can see - the core of the THODEN Ancestry lies just north of Bremen in an area generally known as "THE MOOR"

Let me help you if I can!

Pictured above are a number of sailing boats on the HAMME River that runs through the MOOR.

My name is RICHARD THODEN. I am relatively new to the ancestry research business. Although my family knew that my grandparents immigrated from Germany - as of the year 2000 none of the family knew which part of Germany they came from. My uncle HERMANN THODEN was actively seeking that knowledge for many years. In 1999 he became terminally ill. I visited him in 2000 and he gave me some documentation that he felt had located where we came from and he asked me to pick up the calling since he could no longer do it.

So began my quest!